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Teri Thorson: The Power of Visionary Thinking

Teri Thorson is widely acclaimed for her motivational speeches to corporate employees, school groups and government agencies. She has an unflagging passion for helping people overcome barriers and reach their goals.

Her presentation, The Power of Visionary Thinking, describes her remarkable recovery from a car accident in 1996 that left her a quadriplegic. Told by doctors she would never drive or live independently, Teri now works full-time for her own company, lives independently in her own apartment and drives her own car. In 2003, she moved to Australia to train full-time in wheelchair racing. The following year, she placed 8th in the 400 metre event at the Athens Paralympic Games.

More than just the story of her life, Teri's keynote address describes the skills she learned along the way and her tips for success.